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This Month’s Features

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  • Dr. Dwight McKenna
    DR. DWIGHT MCKENNA, a physician, surgeon and former Orleans Parish school board member, and BEVERLY STANTON MCKENNA founded the New Orleans Tribune in 1985, along...
  • Beverly Stanton McKenna
    BEVERLY STANTON MCKENNA, who has been the constant in overall direction and day-to-day operations of McKenna Publishing Co., says she has been preparing for her...
  • Anitra D. Brown
    ANITRA BROWN Managing Editor, Anitra Brown joined the staff as editor in March of 2004 and immediately brought her fresh ideas and her immense talent...
  • Louis Cardriche
    LOUIS CARDRICHE is a long-time Tribune staffer. A former prep and college basketball star, Louis Cardriche is a resourceful and conscientious sales leader who has...
  • Frederick Plunkett Jr.
    FRED PLUNKETT JR., art director, who has been with the Tribune since January 2001, made an immediate impact on the newsmagazine’s cover layouts. His design...
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