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If you have not been in tune to recent news, the new hashtag #WhileBlack refers to multiple incidents of Blacks having the police called on them while going about their everyday lives. So far #WhileBlack it has been deemed criminal (the police were called)  to sit in Starbucks, try on a dress, check out of

Former NOPD Chief Warren Riley Reacts to Mayor Cantrell’s Reversal on Homeland Security Job

Former NOPD Superintendent Warren Riley wasted little time today expressing his disappointment to Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s decision to rescind the employment offer she made to Riley to become the city’s Homeland Security & Public Safety Director in her administration. Mayor Cantrell officially rescinded her offer to Riley to join her administration today, first with a

Activists Demand Transparency On Confederate Monuments

By C.C. Campbell-Rock In an effort to be publicly heard, Take Em Down NOLA, the anti-white supremacy group that coalesced around the issue of removing Confederate monuments from public spaces in the city, today (Wednesday, May 16) held a press conference demanding that new Mayor LaToya Cantrell stop holding what TEDN leaders characterize as secret

New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau rebrands itself as New Orleans & Company

The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau (NOCVB) has been rebranded and is now officially known as New Orleans & Company. For 58 years, the NOCVB has for 58 years been one of the largest drivers of the New Orleans economy and has produced millions of jobs, billions of dollars of city revenue, and sustained
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