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Group Holds Second Rally Against Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods Calls Mighty Earth’s Claims “Misleading” By Morgan Lawrence Mighty Earth still has their appetite for accountability against Tyson Foods and its CEO, Tom Hayes. The group says the food giant’s manufacturing practices are polluting the Gulf of Mexico. Mighty Earth held in late November on the riverfront at Woldenberg Park. Tyson Foods is

City Activates Freeze Plan for the Homeless

From a press release The City is activating its Citywide Freeze Plan (CFP) beginning overnight Dec. 9, 2017, as the National Weather Service forecasts the temperature or wind chill to fall below the plan’s activation threshold of 35 degrees. The City’s freeze plan will be in effect to provide temporary shelter for homeless residents. Residents are

City Council Approves Near $650 M Budget

By Morgan Lawrence The City Council has approved a nearly $650 million operating and capital budget for 2018.   In a 5-0 vote on Dec. 1, the City Council approved a version of the budget. However, the budget will not be fully approved until the Council’s Dec. 14 meeting. Proposed expenditures included a 10 percent

MacArthur Justice Center Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Gretna for Using “Mayor’s Court” as Modern Day Debtor’s Prison

City-Appointed Court Officials Exploit Fees, Fines from Traffic Violations and Misdemeanors to Generate 13.5 percent of Gretna General Fund The Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center has filed a federal class action targeting the Mayor’s Court of Gretna for its inherent financial conflict of interest and focus on generating revenue to sustain the city budget. The suit
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